A series of greenhouse luminaires designed for artificial lighting in greenhouses as sources of side and general supplemental light.Additional application, for illuminating different types of seedlings in shelf cultivation. The luminaire emits light in the range from400 to 700 nm, which drives photosynthesis in plants. Due to special composition of luminophor in the LEDs, full spectrummodifications are applicable for growing plants in systems without natural light, and can also be used as supplemental lighting ingreenhouses with natural light.


The luminaires are attached to the surface of the ceiling with the help of mounting kits (not included). Three types of mounting kitsare available: A wire hanger kit (ordering code: 2598000130), a kit for mounting to supporting surface (ordering code: 2598000120), apivoting arm kit (ordering code: 2598000190).


Extruded aluminium housing with white powder coating. The power supply is installed inside the housing.

Optical part

Opalescent PMMA diffuser or lens. LED type: SMD.


Max cross-section of power cable conductors: 3×2.5 mm2. Photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) - 65 μmol/s (for BRR modifications), 46μmol/s (for BRFR modifications). Emission colour: BRR - red-and-blue (light distribution: blue, red, red); BRFR - red-and-blue (lightdistribution: blue, red, far red); FS - red+NW (full spectrum - light distribution: red, neutral white 4000K). Luminous flux flickering <2%.


Greenhouse (crop)