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Lighting Technologies Launches a Priority Investment Project in India

Project of Lighting Technologies implemented in the Indian city Dzigani, Karnataka, is part of the priority investment projects for Russian-Indian cooperation. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, Mr. Alexei Likhachev, who participated in the second meeting of the Indo-Russian Working Group on priority investment projects.

“The project is a subsidiary of the IGC Lighting Technologies, LT Production India, Pvt with an industrial platform for the production of LED luminaires for various applications. It will consolidate efforts of the Russian and Indian engineers, developers, designers and managers to create and promote energy-efficient lighting based on the environment friendly light sources in Russia and in India” – mentioned in the statement of the Working Group.

The list of the priority projects included such projects as construction of a plant for the production of the butyl rubber in Jamnagar in Gujarat jointly by the Indian company Relayens (Reliance Industries) and the Russia Sibur, organization of assembling production of KAMAZ vehicles in India, the creation of a joint center in India on the basis of the development of the helicopters Ka-226T, organization of assembly production of industrial tractors with the participation of Tractor Plants and promotion of the India’s passenger aircraft MS-21 and Sukhoi Superjet-100.

Information on the project of Lighting Technologies in India:
Plant – about 6 000 sq.m
Production capacity – 60 000 luminaires per month
Number of staff by the end of 2015 will reach 150 persons
The factory will manufacture exclusively LED luminaires for office and administrative buildings, industrial facilities, shopping centers and roads.

The office and demonstration center of the company is opened in Bangalore with the showing space of 450 sq.m. Before the end of 2014 regional offices will be opened in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kerala, and in the beginning of the next year few new ones will be opened in other 3 regions of India.