beyond Light years .

Our Product Features

Light Weight Body

High Weatherproof Rating

Thermal Shock Resistance

High Power Efficiency

Tiltable for Precise Aiming

Low Maintenance Requirement

High Lumen Output

Reliable Tech Support

Stay bright on media.

With our high definition stadium lighting solutions ,we give your online audience a clear and visually immersive experience that keep them virtually present at the event.

When the light meets design.

The body of our stadium lights are made with enhanced construction that reduces the weight and allows easy handling with a high tight rating. The lights are designed to reduce wind resistance to a minimum. In order to achieve this lightweight and compact design footprint, the entire process ranging from concept design are done in our design studio and manufactured in our own factory. This process structure helps us to bring innovation to our products much faster than the competition and lead the industry benchmarks.




Truly global built local.

We take pride in presenting ourselves as an end to end manufacturer with our entire line of process done inhouse ranging from product design to product manufacturing.

Through our Vision, ‘Light is our life’ we understand our responsibility to get more light with less resources. Our aspiration is to reduce environmental impact in production and product operations. We manufacture our products according to the most rigorous international standards and our own SUN sustainability standard.