Privacy Policy

The data on the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “The Privacy Policy”) establishes terms and purposes of collection, storage, protection, processing, and distribution of data on users of Lighting Technologies India Private Limited (hereinafter referred as “The Company”) website. The Privacy Policy defines what personal data of the website users of the Company receives and/or obtains, as well as the measures taken by the Company for the purpose of data security provision.

Collection of Personal Data of the Website Users

Personal data of website users include:

  • Standard data automatically received by the http-server during the access to Internet resource (host IP address, address of the requested resource, time, type, and data on the browser that has submitted a resource request, user’s OS type, HTTP referrer of the requested resource).
  • Data from electronic forms filled during the registration at the corresponding pages (user profiles, including user names, logins, passwords, e-mail addresses, etc.) and submitted by the website users to the Company.
  • Cookies data.
    All relations associated with the collection, storage, protection, processing, and distribution of data on the website users that constitute the subject of the Privacy Policy are governed as per the current legislation of the Republic of India (‘The Country’). The application of foreign laws and regulations is only allowed in cases provided for by the legislation of the Country and only to provisions effective within the territory of the India.
    The Company reserves the right to establish additional terms and procedures for collection, storage, protection, processing, and distribution of website users data in other public documents and services of the website.

Purpose of Data Collection and Processing of Personal Data of the Website Users

The Company shall process personal data of users for the purpose of:

  • Collection of data on potential client of the Company and their interest in any solutions by Lighting Technologies India Private Limited
  • Provision of goods and services,
  • Development of new and improvement of the current services,
  • Communication with the users for the purpose of services provision,
  • Sending e-mail messages and letters.
  • Storage and Protection of Data on the Website Users

All personal data of the website users stored and processed as per the applicablelegislation of the Country.

The data provided by the users shall not be transferred to the third parties and organisations, and shall be only used for the purpose they were collected for. If the Company needs to use said data for any other purpose different from the purpose the data were collected for the Company shall request a corresponding permission of the specific user prior to such usage.

Company shall take all reasonable measures for protection of users data from destruction, misrepresentation, and disclosure.

The Access to the Personal Data of Users shall be Available to:

  • Individuals, whose rights and responsibilities associated with the access to the corresponding data are established by the legislation of the Country,
  • Employees of the Company that require the access for the purpose of complete performance of works and provision of services,
  • Individuals and legal entities providing support for the services at the website of the Company to the extent required for said support.

Usage of Personal Data of the Website Users Stored in Cookies

Services of the Company website use cookies for the purpose of support of operation of services requiring cookies, as well as for the purpose of determination of user’s unique identifier of access to services and personal data at the website of the Company.
By using certain settings of his or her software, the user is able to forbid usage of cookies on his PC, however, in certain cases it may render the website services completely or partially inoperable.

Personal Data Processing

You hereby give your consent for automated and non-automated processing of your personal data, including collection, record, classification, accumulation, storage, refinement (update and change), extraction, usage, transfer to third parties, transfer to the territory of any foreign states, depersonalisation, blocking, deletion, and destruction of personal data.
In case of lack of consent, the Company may only use your personal data for contacting you via phone.
The consent shall become effective starting from the moment of expression thereof in electronic form above and will remain effective until the receipt of withdrawal of consent by the Company in electronic form or in hard copy.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism;

Any complaints or request or concerns with regards to use, processing or disclosure of information provided by you or breach of these terms may be taken up with the designated grievance redressal officer as mentioned below via post or by sending an email to given mail id.

Grievance Officer:
Mr. Sanju Baby